Invest boldly Manage risk wisely

Invest boldly Manage risk wisely

Millrace Asset Group’s goal is to grow capital for our clients.  We make bold investments in innovative companies  while focusing our attention on managing downside risk.  This is how capital grows and compounds.


About Millrace Asset Group

Millrace Asset Group is an SEC registered investment adviser established in 2001 by Bill Kitchel and Whit Maroney. For sixteen years, the firm’s clients have invested directly alongside Bill and Whit in an investment strategy designed to compound the growth of capital most productively, which is best achieved by minimizing drawdowns during down markets. Today, Millrace has seven full-time employees, including a four-person investment team having an average of 27 years’ experience. Collectively, our employees are the largest investor group in the firm's investment strategies, thereby ensuring that our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients. The firm offers two related investment strategies:

Long/Short Strategy

Since 2002, Millrace has managed a long/short equity investment strategy with the objective of providing long-term growth of capital and protection during down markets. This strategy is available only to accredited investors. For more information, please email us.

Small Cap Growth Strategy

The Small Cap Growth strategy is a long only strategy that leverages our research in the Long/Short strategy to invest primarily in small market capitalization US companies using the same fundamental, bottom-up research and time-tested risk management disciplines. The objective is to provide superior returns relative to the Russell 2000 Growth Index at similar risk levels.